Writer’s Workshop: If I had to be a Disney princess…I’d be Belle


Today I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop with the prompt:

If you had to choose a Disney princess to live the rest of your life as…which princess would you choose and why?

I’d choose Belle. She’s bookish and introverted, but she also wants to go out and find adventure. She’s a confident woman who goes after what she wants. Who wouldn’t want to be her?

Here are the top five reasons I’d pick Belle if I had to be a princess for the rest of my life.


5. Yummy Bread/Pastries

She lives in France, land of delicious pastries and French bread. I know, I know I’m eating low carb right now, but if I was a cartoon, I could eat all of the bread and pie and sweets I wanted without gaining any weight, right?


4. Her Voice

She can sing! I’ve always wanted to be able to sing. I am pretty much tone deaf, and I married into a family with amazing vocal talent. It would be so nice to have a beautiful singing voice. I once told my high school guidance counselor that if I could be anything it would be a Broadway singer/actor, if only I could sing.


3. Family Nearby

Belle may not have siblings or a mother, but she does have a very loving father. Maurice is a little eccentric, but he lives nearby. I relocated to Milwaukee 13 years ago, and, while I love it here, I have missed having my family nearby.


2. Her Library

Look at all of those books! As someone who typically reads 4 books at a time, I could last forever on all of those books. I would miss audiobooks, and I’m not sure how much Young Adult fiction there would be, but I’m still sure I’d never get bored.


1. Her Relationship 

Unlike some Disney princesses, i.e. Cinderella, Belle actually gets to know Beast before falling in love with him. She doesn’t just pick him because of a beautiful face. Their relationship has substance. And they’re going to last.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post before reading Kathy’s own post. She’d like to be Belle also.

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