What a difference a day makes

I’ve finished up my first week at my new job. It’s been a pretty typical week. A lot of sitting at my desk getting my computer set up, digging around on the intranet and in shared file folders trying to find relevant information, reading documentation, learning new systems, etc. I completed one small assignment to compile a comprehensive list of business requests for the application I’m going to be working on.

But yesterday I was kind of blasé. I wanted to be doing something more productive, something more interesting. I was unsure whether I’d made the right decision in taking this job. I was feeling about the same as I’d been feeling at my old job after the project work stopped. Then I received a rather ambiguous assignment from my boss, and I started feeling overwhelmed and lost.

So I scheduled some meetings for today. I set up a check in with my boss for first thing this morning to get some better direction on the assignment. And I scheduled a walk through of the application architecture with the main architect.

Today, I am feeling much better about my job transition. My boss took me around to meet the development and QA teams. She and I discussed the assignment, and I now have clarity. And it’s something I can do without any knowledge of the company. Yay! I understand what my role is within the organization and am excited about the work I’ll be doing once I get up to speed. I also found out I’ll likely be traveling to FL in July to meet the business team, so I’ll get to know the people I’ll be calling and emailing daily. And I had the architectural overview and another informal overview of the project by the PM, so I’m feeling a little less lost.

Now I can enjoy the weekend and look forward to returning to work on Monday.

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