My summer reading challenge

Every time the New Berlin Public Library holds a book drive for their thrice annual book sale, I look at my bookshelf and think that I have many books that I could donate. The problem is that I haven’t read them all. And while I love to purge my house of things I do not need, I hate to get rid of books without reading them. Over the last three years or so, since moving in August 2012, I have acquired these eight books but never read them.

I’ve decided to pose a summer reading challenge to myself. The next library book drive will be in early September, so I am going to read these eight books before then.  I will then either:

1. Keep the book if I think it’s worth reading again. I love to re-read good books.
3. Donate the book to the library’s book drive.
3. Return the book to its owner. One book is borrowed.

Yesterday afternoon I started reading Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock. It seemed fitting to start this challenge on June 1st. Reading eight books in three months (along with everything else I want to read this summer) seems a little ambitious, but I think I can do.

Do you have books you’ve been meaning to read? Do you want to join me in this summer reading challenge?

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