Building memories

Christopher has been asking since the end of April to have a lemonade stand. I don’t know where the idea came from. Possibly from Lemonade in Winter, which we read last year, or maybe from something he’s watched on YouTube lately.
Last week I bought the ingredients, so we’d be ready when a nice day finally came. On Sunday, the weather was perfect – 86 degrees and sunny. After our Fathers’ Day brunch at my sister-in-law’s house, we came home and got to work right away. I used Country Time lemonade mix, but garnished it with slices of lemons because Christopher wanted to make it with lemons. 
Christopher stirring the lemonade after adding ice.

Then we made some signs to hang on the table. I wrote one, so he could copy the letters. But since he wrote his kind of small, I decided to hang both.

Christopher making his sign.

We live in a small cul-de-sac, so we set up at the entrance where everyone driving by would be able to see us, but we’d be safe from traffic. We live right near the entrance to our development, so we got a good amount of cars coming by. And a few people walked by as well. We had a lot of neighbors stop by pretty early on, and Jim bought lemonade twice, but we had a lot of strangers stop as well.

Christopher manning the lemonade stand. Full pitcher, ready to go!

Christopher wanted to go inside several times, but every time I asked if he was sure, he was determined to sell all of the lemonade. He really wanted the money. I had given him $5 in quarters to get him started for making change. He didn’t need much change since most people let him keep the change as a “tip.” 100% tip – not bad!

Christopher looking a little bored after our initial “rush” of sales to neighbors.

We finally sold out after exactly 90 minutes and about 23 customers. We cleaned up and headed inside to count the money. He remembered to pay me back my $5. I didn’t charge him for the lemonade supplies – maybe when he’s older I will. I let him keep the profit: $13.97. (We’d gotten a donation of $0.47 from one man who didn’t want any lemonade.)

Christopher counting his money.

He was pretty pleased with himself. That was 7 weeks of allowance made in one afternoon. I was pretty impressed he lasted that long. And I was a little sunburned.

I certainly never expected to be running a lemonade stand again. I didn’t think my child would want to have one until he was old enough to run it by himself. But it was fun. He got some real life experience with money and business. And I got to be part of another experience he’ll likely remember forever.

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