A time of unexpected change

I usually love change. Moving…yes, please! A new job…sign me up! But this time, I’m not ready. I start a new job next Monday, but I’m not feeling excited. It has nothing to do with the new job. The position sounds perfect for me actually. It’s going to be an amazing opportunity. A way for me to stretch my abilities.

It’s the situation under which I am leaving my current job that is making me rather apathetic.

I’ve mentioned before that I found time to start this blog because my work load is very light right now. The company I work for announced about a month ago that it was up for sale or, absent a buyer, it would be closing. My business unit stopped all new work almost immediately after that announcement. So there really isn’t anything for me at the company. I have been doing only a small part of my job (the least interesting part) for the last four weeks.

But still, I don’t want to leave. We had a great team. We were about to attend a week long training, scheduled for the week after the announcement came, that would have changed the way we worked together in new and exciting ways. I had been very much looking forward to that training. My job was pretty awesome, but it was about to become even better. And then…

Unexpected change hit. And now I’m leaving the company.

It was my choice. I couldn’t wait around doing nothing, facing a potential lay off. And yet, I’m in this strange and uncomfortable position of starting a new opportunity that I am not really ready for emotionally.

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