Kindergarten Baseball Update

Christopher and I are both really enjoying baseball. I’m helping coach. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand by and watch. I lasted about 5 minutes at the first practice before I was out there helping. Ha. And Christopher is not taking it as seriously as I expected. Yay!

 The kids huddled up before the first game on 5/11/2015. “1, 2, 3, Marlins!”

There have been two games so far. And although we don’t keep score, I think we won the first one and lost the second one. Most of the kids are doing really well, and I love cheering them on and helping them. It has been painful at times…when we’re out in the field, and our kids can’t make a play to save their lives. But when they do something right or make a good hit, their excitement is infectious.

Last night Christopher got to play pitcher. It’s coach pitch, so the other team’s coach does the actual pitching, but one of our kids stands by him/her to do the actual fielding. Other than first base, it’s the only position that really gets much action. Christopher made one good play and got someone out at home plate. He was so proud.

Coach Nick writing on Christopher’s game ball on 5/18/2015.

And he got the game ball for it. The coach wrote his name, the date, and the team names on the ball. So cool! I didn’t realize he had done that for the last game. Christopher was so happy about being the second kid to get the game ball.

Christopher proudly holding his game ball on 5/18/2015.

So, I’m coming around to baseball. It’s not as boring as I thought – although it might be if I was watching from the sidelines with Jim instead of helping coach. I barely have a second to think because I’m by the bench trying to get kids ready to bat or standing in the field trying to get them to watch the ball and get ready to catch it.

Sure there are some kids who aren’t cut out for baseball. They don’t have any idea what’s going on, nor do they seem to want to be there. And they are trying my patience for sure!

But my kid is having a ball. And he’s not crying or yelling at people, so it’s all worthwhile. This woman right here is one proud Baseball Mama!

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