I’m not ashamed to let a tablet babysit my child occasionally

Do you go out to eat with your preschool/school age children? Have you been to Buffalo Wild Wings? We went there recently while in Sandusky, OH for a weekend with my sister and her family. Did you know they have tablets for kids to play on while you’re there?! Neither did I. My sister clued us in. How often have you gone out with friends with your kids present and realized at the end of the night that you never even talked about anything? BW3s is our new favorite restaurant. Aside from helping the kids with the apps on occasion, we actually got to have adult conversation. It was amazing!

I am from Buffalo, NY, so I am kind of a wing snob. Outside of Buffalo (other than in Florida where a lot of Buffalonians end up), it is hard to find good wings. Wings should not be breaded…just sayin’. But it is not that hard to find good Buffalo sauce, so at places like Buffalo Wild Wings, I just order something other than wings, like a chicken wrap with the Buffalo sauce. Yum! I love wraps. I ate very low carb for a couple of years, and one of the things I missed the most was wraps. Any salad is better as a wrap.

We get a babysitter a lot. We probably spend about $100 a month on babysitters, and it’s worth every cent to have some time away as a couple. But on the spur of the moment, it’s nice to go out to eat when you just don’t feel like cooking, even if it means dragging the kiddo along. Going to Buffalo Wild Wings for a sit down meal and having a tablet to entertain Christopher while we eat is almost like a date night! We have our own iPad, which we often bring a long when we go places, but the novelty of games we don’t own hasn’t yet worn off for him. And, at least in Wisconsin, they serve Redd’s Apple Ale. Triple score!

What restaurants do you love? What other kid-friendly places have you found?

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