America’s Favorite Pastime…Yawn

I never wanted my kids to play baseball. It’s boring to watch (says the girl heading to a Brewers game this afternoon with her coworkers), and it’s really not very good exercise. My memories of Little League softball are standing around in the outfield waiting for a ball to come my way…and of ice cream at Dairy Queen after a game.

When Christopher was 2 1/2 years old, we started introducing him to sports – baseball, soccer, football. He was a natural at baseball. He could hit the ball even at that young age. We tried a mini soccer program last summer, and he liked it for a little while. He was really into stealing the ball from other players, but baseball has always been his favorite. Our town doesn’t have T-ball, so he couldn’t play last summer.

Tonight is his first practice for Kindergarten baseball; a co-ed town league for kids entering Kindergarten in the fall and those already in Kindergarten this school year. He is beyond excited! He has been looking forward to tonight all week – asking every day what day tomorrow is, waiting to hear that it is Thursday.

I’ll admit I have changed my tune. I am looking forward to some good laughs. The kids are going to be so bad! I’m a little concerned that Christopher is going to take it too seriously and yell at his teammates and cry when he makes mistakes.  Ok, I am A LOT concerned about that. But what I am most excited about (other than his own excitement) is that he will be on a team with other kids that will be at his school next year!

Pictures and an update to come after his first game on Monday, if it’s not rained out.

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