Month in Photos: June 2018

Miller Park Helfaer Field Pitching

More catching up… Pictures from June   Christopher’s school has a field day on the Friday before the last day, and the kids all get special shirts and spend the afternoon signing those and their yearbooks. Another parent took this picture, and I think it’s super cute. Christopher’s team made a double play, and the […]

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Great Reads: First Half of 2018

Kate Reading

Since I’m taking a break from blogging at Opinionated Book Lover, I decided to share some of the great books I’ve been reading over here. You’ll have to click over to my review or Goodreads for more information as I didn’t include a synopsis or thoughts on each book here. Adult Fiction Every Note Played […]

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Month in Photos: May 2018

Brewers Game

Trying to catch up a little… Pictures from May Christopher had his first drum recital, and he was SO nervous. He didn’t really even want to do it, but the teacher and I convinced him to at least go and watch. And then once he was there, he got more and more comfortable with the […]

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On Watching Love, Simon with My 8 Year-Old

Love, Simon

Since the time Christopher was born, I never made any assumptions about his sexual orientation. When I talk about marriage, I always say, “whatever boy or girl you choose to marry.” Some people might find this weird. I know my mom has asked me whether I really think Christopher is gay. No, I don’t actually, […]

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Fall Primary Election…Finally!

Kelda Roys for Governor

Many states had their primary elections months ago. Here in Wisconsin we will finally have a chance to pick our candidates on Tuesday, August 14th, and I couldn’t be more excited that that day is rapidly approaching. We have a very important governor’s race this year, and we have a whole slew of candidates running. […]

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Baseball is ending…and I’m actually sad

New Berlin Heat players with Bernie Brewer

We’re into the final week of select baseball. Christopher has a few league games left, along with one tournament weekend, and then he will try out for next season. Most shockingly of all, I am sad that it’s almost over. I have really enjoyed watching his team play – even though they still have not […]

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I’m Taking a Break

I have been struggling to find the time to blog lately, and wanting to write and not having the time are stressing me out. I am going to take a break, review my priorities, and then hopefully come back when I can post more consistently, so it’s not another thing adding to my stress. So […]

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Why are youth sports so stressful?

Christopher Baseball

My life is consumed with sports right now, and it’s majorly stressing me out. Am I the only one? Select Baseball As I mentioned a few months ago, Christopher is playing select baseball right now. You may recall that I never wanted him to play baseball at all, but he loves it. His team has […]

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Recipe Roundup #3

Recipe Roundup 3

I’m continuing to make new recipes, and I’ve found a couple of great ones lately! Chicken Parmesan This clean-eating chicken parmesan recipe from Eating Bird Food is so tasty! It’s surprisingly spicy with the paprika and cayenne pepper in the almond meal breading. The first time I made it I used chicken tender strips, and they […]

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Juvenile Pile: Supporting a Podcast

Christopher Reading Homework

We have been terrible lately with independent reading, but I have been doing a good job of reading aloud to Christopher each night that I put him to bed. We’ve read a couple of chapter books and many picture books. Picture Books What To Do If an Elephant Stands On Your Foot by Michelle Robinson […]

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